Photographing the Everglades Along Loop Road by Michael Cummins, Fri 8 Jul '16

One of my favorite places to photograph the Florida Everglades is along Loop road.

Loop road, also known as County Road 94, is a 24 mile long drive through the Big Cypress Swamp just off Tamiami Trail, west of Miami. It’s an elevated road with scores of culverts that let water pass from one side of the road to the other. Those are the real picture taking opportunities, as the ground around the culverts are small windows that let you peer into the swamp beyond. Pull over as best you can next to one, they’re usually marked by reflectors, keep an eye out for snakes and alligators, and then marvel at the hidden beauty of the Big Cypress Swamp.

If you don’t stop at the culverts and peer into the foliage, you’re going to miss it. It won’t be much more than a road lined by trees and scrub.