Our American Cummins Family Lineage

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Michael's Paternal Lineage is CUMMINS. This line arrived in the original Jamestown settlement, fought in the American Revolution, the War of 1812, the Civil War, the Vietnam War, the first Gulf War, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Somalia. They were, historically, independant farmers and laborers who served in the military.

Many Thanks

Enormous thanks to the many tireless individuals out there on the internet, researching diligently on behalf of people they'll never meet.

A very special shout out to Barbara Morehead, whom I had the pleasure of corresponding with many years ago though I lost touch with her. She researched the Prince family if I remember correctly, and was kind enough to share what she had already discovered about the Cummins line. I re-discovered or reaffirmed the information over the years, partly because Debby Atchley, also a descendant of Noah Cummins, has so diligently maintained so much wonderful information online. THANK YOU SO MUCH, ALL OF YOU.