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  • 06 Jan '17   Coffee Chemistry
    What's in coffee & how does roasting affect it? Antioxidants, vitamins, chlorogenic - caffeic & quinic acids, melanoidins, aldehydes, furans, pyrazines & more.
  • 09 Jul '16   Coffee, a Healthy Addiction
    From liver disease to diabetes, coffee compounds protect against an array of health conditions.


  • 11 Jul '16   Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom
    Cast Merlin’s magical spells throughout Disney's Magic Kingdom to defeat the dastardly Disney Villains who get in your way!
  • 10 Jul '16   Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom Helpers
    If you are interested in playing Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom (SotMK) or are already playing the game, this is a fun Facebook group to know.



South Florida

  • 08 Jul '16   Lantern Festival at Morikami
    Japanese folk-dancing, drumming, Ennichi street fair and iconic lantern floating ceremony in a fall festival in the spirit of Obon. Morikami Museum and Gardens.